Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday
In an effort to save money and in general be more organised in life, I am attempting to plan the next weeks meals.  I say attempting as the planning stage is often very effective, but the implementation of the plan will be the issue really.

Our lunches will be a mixture of pasta or cous cous salad using left overs from the previous nights meals.  Just about everything is already in the freezer so hopefully this should be a cheap week as we only need to purchase a few items.

Monday Salmon Parcels, served with potatoes.

Tuesday Macaroni, Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake.

Wednesday Grilled chicken served with spicy tomato pasta.

Thursday each week I head over to my parents so the husband will have to fend for himself.

Friday Veggie shepherds pie with sweet potato mash, this is already prepared in the freezer.

Satuday TBC

Sunday Roast chicken with vegetables, sweet potato and swede peppered mash, followed by a Bread and Butter pudding.

You can check out some more meal planning Monday recipe ideas over at Mrs M’s blog.


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