Foodie Penpals May 2012

Foodie Penpals is a lovely idea that originated from the Lean Green Bean blog, every month a you get to make an amazing box full of foodie goodies, and you get to receive a box of loveliness from another foodie. Carol Anne over at This is Rock Salt organises this in the UK, and I have to bow down to her organisational skills!

Peanut Flour, Green & Black's Tasting Selection, Bonne Maman Soft Raisin Biscuits, Thorntons Lemon Meringue Cookie, Kelp Noodles

My foodie penpals parcel came from Jess. Her blog is so inspirational and you should definitely check it out, you can also follow her on twitter @jessspea.  She recently ran a marathon which I just amazing! I have to mention that since seeing Jess’s range of delicious looking smoothies, I am now obsessed with them, but they never seem to look as good! She asked me what my favourite animal was because she likes to paint and draw. My mum is love with tabby cats, and Jess painted this gorgeous little tabby who looks very chilled out and my mum thinks it’s brilliant. Speaking of mums, I need to say a massive thank you to Jess’ mum who dropped off the parcel at my flat early one morning.

Jess gave me a Green and Blacks tasting selection – which is so good because I am a massive fan of Green and Blacks, I am loving the almond milk chocolate. I’ve been having them as little treats with my lunch at work – every one needs a treat to get through a long day of work, but I’ve been thinking about making a traditional hot chocolate to enjoy with a bath at the weekend. This is dependant on the weather however, because if the weather is as nice as it is as I’m writing this I would rather be enjoying the sunshine!

She also sent some peanut flour which I have never used before, I’ve been having a look around for recipes and have spotted one for peanut and chocolate chip cookies, as the husband is a peanut butter nut I’ll have to test these out so I’m sure I’ll update you later as to how I got on. There’s a packet of noodles in there too which recommend making a miso soup with peanut flour in too, can’t wait to try that yum!

I believe the husband’s favourite item/s were the lemon meringue cookies, as I think I had one because the rest were snaffled away, as there is no one else in our household and as yet I’m not eating in my sleep, I have come to believe that he ate them.

This was my first month taking part and it was really exciting. I sent a parcel over to the lovely Ruth at The Mixing Bowl who you can follow @MixingBowlMagic. I really hope she enjoys the contents… the Bacon Jam may sound a little weird, but it’s awesome, you can buy it on amazon. I bought mine from a lovely deli in the Grainger Market in Newcastle called mmm Newcastle, you can follow them on twitter @mmm_newcastle. They have an amazing range of products for such a small shop, and I love my Mr Vikki’s chilli jam from them.

So far I’m loving the foodie penpals experience and can’t wait for next months.

(I was far too excited to do opening the box pictures!)


2 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals May 2012

  1. Jessica May 31, 2012 at 5:49 pm Reply

    I’m so happy you liked everything 🙂 And thanks for featuring my picture as well – I’m glad it arrived in one piece!


  2. Rock Salt June 2, 2012 at 11:23 am Reply

    Oh wow – Jessica is SO talented! What a beautiful drawing! And a wonderful parcel, too, those little Green and Blacks are too sweet.

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