Mussels in White Wine

I like to visit our local market to check out the sights the smells and all of the lovely produce. I’m a massive fan of seafood and despite the protests of the husband drag him down by the fish mongers, I’ll even drag him over to the fish quay if I’m feeling brave. He always claims he’s not a big fan of fish and then when he tries something wants it again.

Mussels are up there on his yuck list, but they’re up there on my adore list. They just look so pretty in their shells and I love the sweet salty taste you get from them, so with the promise of adding chilli we bought a load of them.

I’ve need cooked them before so I was quite nervous but ready for the challenge. The lovely lady at the fish mongers recommended about a pound of mussels per person for a main.

  • 2 pounds of Mussels prepared
  • Large Shallot Diced finely
  • Chilli, I chopped mine into lovely little red rings
  • Generous glass of White Wine
  • Butter
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Crusty Bread

Start by preparing your mussels. I was unprepared for how faffy they would be. You need to remove the beards and scrub them down to remove any debris on their shells. Wash them several times in water till it runs clear. Be careful not to let the mussels sit in the fresh water. Any mussels that are open for you cook them need to be checked. Give them a little tap and if they close they’re good but if they remain open, get rid of them.

Start heating the pan so it’s nice and hot, and melt the butter along with vegetable oil. I use vegetable oil after I had some training with one of the dieticians at work.  The dietician was explaining that vegetable oil in Britain is now made from Rapeseed Oil which is a monounsaturated fat just like Olive Oil, it’s just much cheaper, so based on her recommendation I’ve changed from Olive Oil to Rapeseed Oil.  Just pick up some bog standard Vegetable Oil and check the ingredients, most supermarket brands are 100% Rapeseed Oil so you don’t need to pay that little bit more for Rape Seed Oil because they’re exactly the same.  Now I’m finished with the soap box, back to the recipe.

Soften the onions in the pan with the garlic, and add the chilli.  When softened, pour in the wine and add the mussels and place the pan lid on.  Turn the heat down to medium and cook until all of the mussels are opened.

Serve with some crusty bread to dip into the sauce, be prepared to get a little bit messy when you tuck in and enjoy!

Sorry it's a bit steamy!


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