A Cheat’s Trifle

When I was in primary school I remember watching a programme during the horrendously long summer holidays. Which were horrendously long and boring when I had them but now I’m a grown up I wish I could be off for that long again.

One particular day a recipe came up for a really easy trifle and I’ve been making it ever since.

For the trifle:

  • Whipping cream
  • Ready made custard
  • Swiss roll (preferably plain with jam filling)
  • Can of tinned Raspberries in juice
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Booze of choice (Amaretto is my favourite)

Cut the Swiss roll into slices and use the slices to line your dish.  Spoon the juice from the Raspberries over the Swiss roll and pour a tablespoon of Amaretto (or another liqueur of your choice) over the swiss roll too. Pour over the raspberries, you can squish them into a paste or leave them whole, either is good.

Pour the tub of custard onto the raspberry mixture.

Prepare the cream by whipping it until there are soft peaks. Then gently spoon and spread evenly over the trifle.

Adorn the trifle with chocolate buttons. To make it a little more fancy you could add Amaretto to the cream too, and grate dark chocolate over the top rather than chocolate buttons.

This trifle is really good with or without alcohol so it can be a child friendly treat.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy cooking x


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